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My new favorite clip store- Princess Rene


I'm finally in the abusive relationship of my dreams. In the past 2 weeks I have shown up in public with fresh bruises on my face, had to deal with intense migraines, and today both my balls feel like they have been kicked by a mule. Most clips I watch dispassionately and make sarcastic remarks about. Then there are the clips where i can appreciate the fantasy but there are very few clips that I feel compelled to participate. Never have I felt the absolute need to physically harm myself like i do when I watch Rene's clips.

I think this is the first clip store that caters to interactive humiliation. I don't understand why. All forms of domination branch off from humiliation. Guys like findom because it's humiliating to surrender something of value quickly to a girl who will spend it frivolously. the thrill that painsluts feel begins with the humiliation of having their male protector role usurped by the hands of the gender they are conditioned to protect.

Humiliation themes are endless while there is a limit to how many fresh tease and denial variations you can think up.

So many clips are over rehearsed and overproduced. The dommes are burned out by the same old stop start jacking theme, same old insults, and their weariness is felt. Rene seems like the kind of person who walks around in a permanent sate of enthusiasm. there are flaws in her clips, like she'll tell you to do something in a time span that isn't humanly possible, these are the types of mistakes you make when you are improvising, being spontaneous. spontaneity makes the interaction in the clip feel more direct.

deep inside I think all guys know there is no woman on the face of this earth who gets sexually excited by telling a faceless mass of random guys to do humiliating things to themselves. Your job isn't to convince us you are real, it's to avoid convincing us you are fake. all we want is for you to do enough that you won't sabotage our suspension of disbelief. If I didn't know better, I'd swear Rene actually enjoys herself in these clips. She's creative, luminous while being evil. she doesn't adopt the tired old monique laugh track.

This is not a promotion blog; i write mostly about shit i dislike and sometimes I'll pass along a positive experience. http://www.clips4sale.com/studio/26992


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Jan. 23rd, 2010 12:06 am (UTC)
"first i thought it might be with a real woman, but it's with a clip store. heh."

lol. A relationship with a clips store has its perks. She's only appears when I'm horny, I can mute her when she's boring, and when i want her to repeat herself I can just rewind the clips without having to hear her ask me "aren't you listening to me?"

With a couple exceptions, she avoids the gross things and I just ignored them anyway. There are a billion non-gross ways to humiliate someone as stuck up and conservative as I am.
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